Feather Fins Athlete Series – Gony Zubizarreta


The new Athlete Series – Gony Zubizarreta have been designed under G. Zubizarreta’s guidelines using a Carbon Core and the highest quality epoxy resin. A new larger template designed to ride from edge to edge.

 – FCS II Compatible

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A new larger template designed for edge to edge powersurfing. The angle of the side fins produce speed and exceptional traction, while the center fin is a full carbon skin and Hexagonal Core heart. The center fin is slightly smaller to provide better response.

Made of high quality materials. Carbon gives you more resistance by reducing the flex at the tip. The bee panel provides lightness and stability. A fin for surfing good conditions with all kinds of boards.



Side Fins: Base: 4.55″ / 116mm Depth: 4.52″ / 115mm Area: 14.89″² / 9608mm² Sweep: 36.6º Foil: Flat
Centre Fin: Base: 4.​37″ / 11​1mm Depth: 4.​37″ / 11​1mm Area: 13.71″² / ​8846mm² Sweep: 3​5.​5º Foil: Flat

Side Fins: Base: 4.​​​61″ / 11​7mm Depth: 4.​​70″ / 11​​​9mm Area: 1​5.63″² / ​​10083mm² Sweep: 36.3º Foil: Flat
Centre Fin: Base: 4.​​47″ / 11​​​4mm Depth: 4.​45″ / 11​​3mm Area: 1​​4.68″² / ​9469mm² Sweep: 3​8.6º Foil: Flat




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