Feather Fins Athlete Series – Jorgann Couzinet


The new Athlete Series – Jorgann Couzinet have been designed under J. Couzinet’s guidelines using Hexagonal Core and the highest quality epoxy resin. An allround template with focus on drive and long, arcing turns.

 – FCS II Compatible

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New template in premium HC material and epoxy resin providing an ideal flex for controlled surfing.⁣ Designed for driving hard off the bottom and performing long, swooping turns on open face waves. The side fins provides hold, the smaller more upright centre-template maintains tail release. An ideal set of fins for open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point and reef breaks.

A set of fins for performance boards with shallow concave and moderate-to-low rocker.



Side Fin: Base: 113mm | Depth:  117mm | Area:  9750mm² | Sweep: 36.6º | Foil: Flat
Centre Fin: Base: 109mm | Depth: 11​2mm | Area: 9172 mm2

Side Fin: Base: 4.​​​61″ / 11​7mm | Depth: 4.​​70″ / 11​​​9mm | Area: 1​5.63 sqin / ​​10083mm² | Sweep: 36.3º | Foil: Flat
Centre Fin: Base: 4.​​47″ / 11​​​4mm | Depth: 4.​45″ / 11​​3mm | Area: 1​​4.68sqin / ​9469mm² | Sweep: 3​8.6º | Foil: Flat



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