Oceanglider Wind wing + SMIK wing slab board + Oceanglider foil 1400 Bundle


Oceanglider Wing Foil Wing

The Oceanglider Wingfoil wing is an optimal freeride, freestyle and waveride wing, which is neutral and balanced in jumps and transitions.

The wing is flexible, extremely light and has a lot of power. These are characteristics you want to have to fly easily in light winds, but also characteristics you want in stronger winds. The shape of the wing is relatively flat, which means that when the wind hits the wing, it accelerates. At the same time, it is stable in the air when you let go of the wing and surf the waves.

The wings will come end of May to the shop.

SMIK Wing Slab Floater - 22/23 Foil Board

Slab Series Dedicated Wingfoil Boards are the perfect blend of easy-to-use comfort and high performance,  with volume only being placed where it's needed.

The slab series is available in 6 sizes, one of them will be the perfect one for your weight and skillset. If you are a beginner we recommend starting on either the 105 or 120 l board. A good rule of thumb is picking a literage about 0-30 l more than your bodyweight in kgs. If you come from a windsurf/kite foil background that number is more likely around 0-15 l. Experienced wing foilers should aim for 0-20 l below their bodyweight.


Oceanglider 1400 Foil

The Oceanglider 1400 is a lively and compact foil with a medium aspect.

For light people under 70 kg, it is a very beginner-friendly foil with early lift and stable and controlled flight in wind from 4 to 15 ms. For people around 85 kg and over, the foil becomes very playful and responsive, but still stable. This is really an all-round foil that works well for pumping, turning, jumping and foiling at high speed.

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Oceanglider Wind wing (NOK 6,990) + SMIK wing slab board (NOK 15.500) + Oceanglider foil 1400 (NOK 8,990)

Regular price NOK 30,980

Discounted package price NOK 26,900



Additional information

Oceanglider Wing Foil Wing

Wing Color

Yellow, Blue

Wing Size

6m2, 5m2


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