Level 1 Surf Package – Torq Longboard


Torq TET Lonboard comes in lentghts between 8’0 – 9’0. We have selected this durable log as a great starting board for our Level 1 surfers. Paired with a solid calf leash from Roam and some basecoat wax it’s the ideal package to get going. All of our Torq boards come with fins included.

With plenty volume and good length the TET longboard offers great stability and glide for surfers just starting out. You’ll have plenty of time getting to your feet and finding your balance. It may seem obvious – but to learn surfing you need to catch waves. Like lots of them. You can’t really get too many. The more time you spend every session on your feet actually surfing, the quicker you’ll learn. The TET Longboard’s low rocker and paddle power will help you become a wave magnet in no time.


This bundle includes:

Product Quantity

Greenfix Surf Wax Base Coat

Basecoat wax for Surfboards, Skimboards, Kiteboards. Exclusively made from natural ingredients

220 in stock


Roam Premium Calf Leash 9'

Great allround leash for bigger boards. Secures around calf for comfort and a tangle-less experience

Out of stock


Torq TET Longboard

The Torq Longboard - A true do-it-all favourite. Super versatile and user friendly longboard. With medium entry rocker and full outline you’ll find a board that glides in the small stuff and offers plenty stability.

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