Level 3 Surf Package – Torq Mod Fish


When our students want to start throwing some spray, we put them on the Mod Fish. It’s an absolute speed machine, giving you that extra bit of stability and margin of error through turns.

Combining a nice, wide layout with easy-to-turn bottom contour and rails the Mod Fun provides everything you need to start doing your first real turns. Available in sizes ranging from snappy 5’11 to cruisy 7’2 – there’s a Mod Fish for everyone. Paired with wax, a solid Roam 7’ leash, and the thin Futures Wildcat pad for maximum board feel. All of our Torq boards come with fins included.


This bundle includes:

Product Quantity

Greenfix Surf Wax Base Coat

Basecoat wax for Surfboards, Skimboards, Kiteboards.

220 in stock


Roam 7' Premium Leash

Great allround leash for most board types and conditions.

29 in stock


Futures Traction Pad 2-Piece Wildcat

Looking for serious board feel? The arch-less Wildcat sports an incredibly thin profile - you'll feel everything going on under your feet.

29 in stock


Torq TET Mod Fish

With a shape that’s more today than yesterday, Torq's modern “fish” design is built for speed. Excelling in chest to overhead high waves, it performs on those hollow, glassy days, yet enjoys mushy, sloppy and less than perfect conditions too.

*Click icon for full size image of paintjob*


29 in stock




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