Our essence – Good Times

Lapoint is built on Good Times and a free-spirited lifestyle around surfing, yoga & traveling. We believe that the significance of any experience is about connections more than anything else. That’s why social interactions are at the heart of all we do, also embedded in the learning experience. This is what we aim to give you; new friends, more skills and unforgettable Good Times.

Our Story

It all started on a surf trip to Portugal in 2005 when Swedish childhood friends Sebastian & Peter met local surfer Alex at a street party in Lisbon. They became great friends surfing and exploring the coast together. On the last morning of the trip, they scored fun, glassy waves with no one else in the water. Afterward, walking up the beach buzzing with excitement, well aware that the trip was almost over, Sebastian said:

“Life should feel like this every day.”

That was the comment that sparked the breakfast conversation that a few months later would lead to Sebastian’s and Alex’s idea of Lapoint. Peter joined the boys shortly after and so did long-time friend Göran. The four have since remained true to their initial ambition. Lapoint has grown quite a bit since that day but still has the same philosophy and still attracting people looking for the same thing. That  – Life should feel like this – feeling.

This remains the core of the Lapoint, both for the guests visiting and for the people that work there.


We want our guests and new friends to continue their surfing journey after they have left our camps. In our surfshop we can help you find premium surfing equipment and accessories regardless of if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer.
We choose from the leading manufacturers on the market and we try every product before it appears on the website to be sure that we provide you the best possible quality.