“We believe it is our responsibility to always work towards becoming more sustainable,  to minimize our negative footprint and maximize our positive handprint through our own actions and by influencing others”

As passionate ocean lovers, we understand the importance of the marine plastic pollution crisis and wholeheartedly promote the importance of ocean conservation. We educate our guests and the local communities about ocean preservation, and in doing so, our guests and staff collected more than 30 tonnes of plastic in 2017-2019 during our weekly beach clean-ups, hosted in all our destinations.

Our Commitment

We have accepted the invitation from the United Nations Climate Change secretariat to take the Climate Neutral Now Pledge. The pledge represents a movement of companies and governments taking the lead on reducing emissions and accelerating the global journey to a climate-neutral future. In doing so, we’ve committed to: 
– Measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions.
– Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.
– Compensate for remaining emissions through the UN Certified Emission Reductions program.

We’re thrilled about working with the United Nations Climate Change secretariat and excited to keep an open and goal-oriented dialogue around the optimization of our sustainability efforts and results.