Wingsurf, Wingsurfer, Wing, kitewing or foil wing… You might have heard the different names used within the latest of wind sports. We’ve gathered our best tips on how to get started with wing foiling and have put together a quick run-down on the different disciplines within the sport. Getting the right gear is essential when starting out and our guide will help you through the jungle of wing foil equipment. In our surf shop you’ll find market-leading brands such as PPC, SMIK, Cloud9, Duotone, Reptile, Ion, O’Neill and more.

Lapoint was one of the first to get started with wing foil in Norway and Sweden. Sebastian Kjellstrøm, one of the board sports enthusiasts behind Lapoint Surfshop, has been active in skate, surf and snowboard for more than 30 years and from a few years back also one of the most active foil/wing foilers in Norway – he spends time in the water almost every day throughout the year. Together with FriFlyt, we have among other things helped produce various foil and wing foil guides with useful tips and tricks. Service is the number one priority for Lapoint and Sebastian, we are here to help you get started with wing foil. We have created an A to Z wing foil guide to help you get started in an efficient, safe and economical way. We believe that wing foil should be for everyone, from youth to adults.

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