Oceanglider 2100 Foil


The Oceanglider 2100 foil  is a beginner-friendly foil that will give you an early lift and a stable controlled flight.

Although the foil is large, this foil, with low/medium aspect, is designed to be fast, responsive and playful. Therefore, pumping, carves and other maneuvers for advanced riders can also be learned on this foil. The foil has plenty of volume and wide wingtips so that you can get up and fly in minimal wind (4-7 ms) with the right technique.


The foil is also fast and likes speed, without wanting to fly out of the water (breaches) as many slow beginner foils often do. Breaches are zero stress with this one. The foil is suitable for people from 70 kg and above who need lift. Smaller persons need less lift and less foil, the Oceanglider 1400 is excellent for those under 70 kg.

The foil is stiff and firm, which is very important to get a response in every small movement you make. The mast, mast foot and fuselage are made of aluminium, while the front and back wing are made of light and strong carbon.


The length of the fuselage is 76 cm. This is the right length to start with and to advance on. It is stable and gives you a long glide, while also being nice to pump.


Choose between 75, 80 or 85 cm mast.  We recommend starting with a 75 cm mast because it is the easiest to learn at, but eventually switch to 85 cm as your length.

The L – XL package fits riders over 70 kg.


Front wing 2100 cm2 easy lift

Length 109 cm

Width 24.5 cm

Height 7 cm


Back wing easy lift

Length 48 cm wide

Width 9 cm

Height 1.7 cm


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