PPC X-Blend Wind Wing


Premium Wind Wing designed in New Zealand. The versatile wing features:

  • X-Ply reinforcement panels
  • Brass swivel wrist leash
  • Kevlar patch reinforcement
  • Custom carry bag
  • Repair kit
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The exact same wing as the Blend model but with added custom x-ply used on the panels which takes a large percentage of the load, adding another level of dynamic to the Blend.

This is what PPC has to say about the design process:

“After testing many prototypes with x-ply, even full x-ply, we discovered using 100% x-ply on our canopy didn’t create the feeling we wanted. For one thing it’s heavy, it also gave us a very jerky kind of power which didn’t feel right.

Introducing our thin custom x-ply to the panels nearest to the strut takes the major loading/ stretch & gave us the feeling of direct power we always wanted while being light weight. The x-blend is still a very light weight wing, just with some added power of the x-ply material. The weights of the blend & x-blend are virtually the same.”

The custom x-ply can be folded up and thrown into bags without any risk of splitting!


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