SMIK Wing Foil Board – Sinker


Slab Series Dedicated Wingfoil Boards are the perfect blend of easy-to-use comfort and high performance,  with volume only being placed where it’s needed.

The boards are designed for a wide range of disciplines, They are a blast to pronesurf, towfoil and wakefoil. Paired with a wind wing the Slab Series really come into their own, especially in our Scandinavian conditions.

When wingfoiling the water start is surprisingly easy to master, as long as there is enough wind. With some experience under your belt, stepping down to these smaller boards is a real game changer.


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Footstrap and foil positioning in relation to this volume is what’s critical, SMIK boards have the balance just right for the perfect flight. The wingfoil series introduces some pretty short boards, without sacrificing their versatility. Once up and flying, the shorter boards really come into their own. The feeling of maneuverability and freedom is hard to beat.

All the boards have a brand new chined bottom shape that helps you take off and minimizes drag when landing. It also helps bouncing back from unintentional touch-downs.

We recommend choosing a board about 35-55 liters below your bodyweight (in kgs). For example, a surfer weighing 80 kg should aim for a board around 34-40 l.

The smallest boards are great when Tow- and Wakefoiling. With the assistance of a boat or jetski stepping down a few inches in boardsize does not pose the same challenge as when pronesurfing or wingfoiling.

When Pronesurfing (catching and surfing waves by paddling into them) it is a good idea to start with a board in the 50-60 l range. Even if you are an experienced surfer we recommend starting your pronesurfing journey on a bigger board – trust us, it’s a whole different experience. Once you get the hang of things, stepping down to  35-40 l is a good idea.

The boards are custom made, meaning they are hand-crafter by an experienced shaper. The standard construction is a super light EPS core wrapped in a glass fiber and wood. All boards are also available through special order in full carbon construction, for those who want to shave even more weight off. This takes about 3 months.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange an order.


Available in 4 sizes:

4’6 x 21.5 / 140 cm x 54.6 cm – 35 L

4’8 x 22.25″ / 142cm x 56.5cm – 40L

5’0 x 22″ / 152cm x 55.8cm – 50L

5’4 x 24″ / 162cm x 60.9cm – 58L

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Wood/Glassfiber, Full Carbon PVC


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