Oceanglider Air Inflatable Wing Foil Board


The Oceanglider Air is an inflatable quality 2-layer MSL board with 15 psi and the largest carbon plate on the market.

The carbon plate makes the board extremely stiff and strong. The board is almost as rigid as a regular hard fiberglass board and at the same time light in weight. The combination of a lot of nose rocker, which the board also has, plus the placement of the carbon plate itself and the holes for the foot straps is the formula for making the board work with you.

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Several manufacturers make only one set of holes for placing the foot straps on the board, so regardless of whether you are 150 cm or 2 meters tall, you must have the same stance (width between the legs). Sometimes you even have to stand in the wrong position against the foil as well, which in many cases means that you cannot use the foot straps, or that you have to stand with an extremely large amount of weight on your back leg. When you have learned to foil, the foil should be positioned so that you stand 50/50 with weight on both legs.

We’ve thought about all of this when developing our boards and foot straps, with our unique long straps. With the long straps, and their placement, you can have your feet where you want, and get the support you need when you start learning gybes, tacks, pumping etc.

Experience and recommendations

We have taught wingfoil to many people and it is only those with previous windsurfing or foiling background who are able to start with, for example, a board that is 0-20 liters larger than their body weight.

Regardless of what people say, if you don’t have a windsurfing or foiling background, it’s a good idea to have plenty of extra liters in the beginner phase to avoid frustration and months of extra struggle.


Recommended packages if you have no windsurfing or previous foiling background, but have broad experience from board sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. 

40-70 kg          100 liter board

70-95 kg          130 liter board

95 -130 kg        160 liter board

Recommended packages if you have zero board experience.

40-60 kg          100 liter board

60-80 kg          130 liter board 

80-120 kg        160 liter board

Recommended packages if you have a lot of windsurfing and foiling experience

50-60 kg          75 liter board

60-75 kg.         85 liter board

75-85 kg          100 liter board 

85-95 kg.         105 liter board

95-105 kg.       115 liter board

105-115 kg.      130 liter board 

Heavier + 10-25 liter

Additional information


100L, 130L, 160L


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