Oceanglider Aluminium Mast


Oceanglider aluminum mast is a strong and robust mast in aluminum alloy #6061. The most important thing is that it is very stiff, so the foil easy reply to your actions when you are out foiling. The mast comes in 75, 80 and 85 cm. We recommend starting with 75 cm mast because it is the easiest to learn at, and because you can keep going where it is a little shallower water. If it is freeride/freestyle that will be your main discipline, you can switch to 85 cm as your mast length. This is because a longer mast is more forgiving when foiling. You have more time in the gybes, for tacks, carves etc. before the foil goes into the water. You can also apply more pressure at higher speeds, without having to be afraid of breaches (the foil goes out of the water).

If you are going to do more stunts such as catching waves from large tankers and cruise boats, you will not want more than 75 cm mast. This is because pumping becomes a little easier and the mast becomes a little more responsive when it is shorter. There is then a shorter path from the board down to the fuselage itself, so when you make fast movements, turns and pumping, the foil reacts faster to a short and light mast, than a long and heavier mast. We have tested both, and choose 75 cm when foiling round tanker waves.

(mastfoot and screws is not included in the price, only the mast) 



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