Oceanglider Dual action SUP Pump


Pump for inflatable Sup, wing board and wing

Efficient Double action Sup/Wing/ wing boards pump, with adapter with multiple plugs.


Efficient Double action Sup/Wing/ wing boards pump with adapter and with multiple plugs. Perfect to pump our inflatable wing boards, Sups, our Wings. Compatible with all boards on the market and most wings on the market when using the adapter.

Size: 11 x 31 x 64 cm

Weight: 1.1 kg

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Once your wing board or wing  is lying on the ground, open the inflation valve cap and check that the small valve nozzle is in the “high” position, and therefore it can let in air but cannot let it out. If it is in the “low” position, rotate it slightly to make it snap up. Now take the Oceanglider Double Action pump, screw the hose onto the coupling with the word OUT and insert the other end into the inflation valve of the board, turning the coupling clockwise to lock the hose. Inflate the board to a pressure of 15 PSI. Tip: To speed up the inflation operation, close the small red (or black) valve on the pump. In this way you will pump the air inside the board both outward and in return. When you begin to feel fatigue and the board is 80% inflated, open the small valve of the pump to use it in a classic way and complete the inflation.
Disconnect the pump from the board (if you have done everything right the air will not come out!) and close the valve.


After a wonderful day of Sup or Wingfoil, it’s time to deflate the board. Unscrew the safety cap of the valve, press firmly a finger on the valve nozzle and you will feel the air coming out with force. Rotate the nozzle slightly to lock it in the “low” position. The air will come out, while you, after removing the fin, fold the board istarting from the back. In 1 minute, you will complete the operation and you will have placed the wing board in it`s bag.


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