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Duotone Unit V3 Foil Wing


The DUOTONE Slick D/LAB Foil Wing is the ultimate wing.

Duotone Laboratories’ mission is to develop the absolute best products and push boundaries. As a result, D/LAB features the most cutting edge premium materials and construction technology with no expense spared in the pursuit of the most beautiful and efficient wing surfing.

The Duotone slick mini boom and Duotone kite pump are NOT included, please order them separately. 

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The 2023 unit enters a new era of wing design. With MOD3, a new chapel, that changes everything! The latest release Unit offers more power, better hang time and improved operational stability.

From the first pump you will notice the extra power the MOD3 adds to the wing. With responsive handling through the rigid handles. The 2023 unit gets you into flight mode faster, with an improved grunt and low end that allows you to use smaller sized wings.


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