Light Surfboard The Wake


The wide outline and flat rocker make this board very fast. The rails are closely related to a small-wave ocean surfboard with a sharp, low apex towards the edge offering fast controlled turns.  The shape of the rail helps to recover speed after big maneuvers.

The WAKE is a high-performance wake surfboard with a single to double concave bottom creating maximum lift and maneuverability.

The SALTWATER NOMAD EPS EPOXY WOOD VENEER TECHNOLOGY features closed cell eps foam, classic center stringer, glass fiber, and a layer of WOOD VENEER between the top layers in the standing area and is the most ecological friendly construction we can offer.

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Epoxy EPS closed cell blank 25kgs/m2,  1x4oz Bottom, 2x4oz Deck + Wood Veneer Layer, Single to Double Concave V, Center Stringer, premium custom quality, 5 fin FUTURE set up, matt finish.


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