Docs Proplugs Ear Plug – Vented Clear Size MS


Doc’s Proplugs protect from Noise, Swimmers ear, Divers ear, Surfers ear and are a helping hand for those with ventilation tubes.

Doc’s Proplugs Vented prevent you against a ruptured eardrum and helps to make equalization easier and reduce noise by 20 dB while you still are able to have outstanding communication and a clear sound of Music.

Doc’s Proplugs give comfort & protection for more than 2 years when they are not unnecessarily exposed to sunlight and cleaned simply with alcohol (no soap!).



Who Benefits:
– Scuba-Divers
– Swimmers
– Surfers
– Windsurfers
– Kitesurfers
– Waterskiers
– Wakeboarders
– Jetskiers
– Motorcyclists
– Workers in the light industry
– Patients with eardrum-tubes
– Flight Attendants & Passengers
– Musicians
– Rock concert Enthusiasts
– People with High-Sensitive Hearing

Made of hypo-allergeen Kraton – Soft & Comfortable.
Durability up to 2 years.

Comes with: 2 ProPlugs (right and left) incl. transport box

Size: MS (2,3 cm)


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