Wavy Ocean Earplugs


Wavy Ocean is a reusable secure fit earplug protecting your ears from water and wind. Perfectly shaped for a secure fit and optimal comfort. Expertly made to protect your ears and let high-quality sound in. Designed for all seasons and extreme conditions.

1. Durable.
2. High-quality audio filters.
3. Secure fit ear sleeves along with various sizes of ear tips.

Product advantages:
1. Protected against harmful wind noise and water.
2. Keeping communication clear.
3. Designed for all-day comfort and secure fit.
CE tested & certified in the EU by a notified body.

In the box:
– 2x Earplugs with high-quality 16dB audio filters.
– 1x Earplug storage pouch.
– 2x Grip ear sleeves.
– 1x Safety cord.
– 6x Waterproof interchangeable silicone ear tips sizes-small, medium, and large.

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Over a billion people are at risk while 
doing something they love.
Wavy Ocean design and build great reusable earplugs
 so you can keep doing what you love, 
time and time again.

Filter harmful noise,
 keep high-quality sound.

Keep water and disturbing frequencies out and lets high-quality sound in. Wavy Ocean makes sure your ears are safe while being able to hear the ocean and communicate clearly without feeling isolated.


The advanced technology membrane filter provides an open-air passage to the ear minimizing the occlusion effect (low-frequency emphasis) while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

Ocean perseverance

To protect our EU oceans and coast we are periodically donating 3% of our net revenue to the Surfrider Foundation Europe.


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