Zeus Softtops Sport 6′ Cicielo


Performance shaped 6′ softtop from the beachies of southwest France. Features FCS-compatible boxes and stiff construction.

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The perfect board for junior surfers to start off and progress on. Also a really fun option for more experienced adults looking to add something floatier to the quiver. Great manoeuvrability is paired with lots off stability thanks to the stiff hybrid construction. Incredibility versatile shape with plenty of volume (41L)

ZEUS’ hybrid construction is much stiffer than most foam surfboards on the market. This increases handling. The progressive shape of the board allows for a very fluid glide and ultra-fast progression. 2 marine wood stringers bring stability and robustness to the board.

Construction :
Thanks to their rigid constructions, the boards of the Classic range have a good glide and allow a fast progression thanks to their evolving shapes refined and improved for more than three years.

Coating :
The EVA models are an improved version of the IXPE range: they have a second layer of fiberglass for an even more rigid board as well as an ultra resistant and non-slip foam. No need for wax.


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