ZEUS Soffttops Sport Ninja 5’4


Performance shaped 5’4 softtop from the beachies of southwest France. Features FCS-compatible boxes and stiff construction. A proper little ripstick for some serious fun. Dimensions: 5’4 3/8″ 19″ 2 1/4″ – 27.81L

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Imagine your standard performance shortboard. Now squish down the length somewhat, add some volume and a sofftop shell. That’s the Zeus Ninja. This hyper-manoeuvrable sofftop is about as much fun you can have on a surfboard. Performance rails and tail lets you attack lips and huck airs. Or just up the wave-count when cruising your local on an average day.

Also a great option for groms moving toward shorter boards.

ZEUS’ hybrid construction is much stiffer than most foam surfboards on the market. This increases handling. The progressive shape of the board allows for a very fluid glide and ultra-fast progression. Its carbon fiber stringer and rigid daggerboards bring stability and robustness to the board, while an ultra-dense EVA foam coating guarantees excellent grip, no need to wax.


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