What Surf Pack for me?

You should go for the one it best fits your needs. Beginner packs start with a softboard and wetsuits…

You should go for the one it best fits your needs. Beginner packs start with a softboard and wetsuits…

Surf your heart out!

Sri Lanka is perfect for a spring surfing holiday as the conditions are amazing at this time. The coast is way less crowded than other popular surf destinations, and with fewer people in the lineup, you’re more likely to catch that perfect wave! Smaller crowds also make it easier for beginners to get comfortable in the water and truly enjoy themselves.

Experience a safari

In Sri Lanka, you can find heaps of adventures, but a safari is one of the most thrilling ones. The famous Yala National Park is a great experience during March and April since the animals then gather by the water holes in bigger crowds. Spring is perfect for wildlife spotting, so make sure you join our day trip from the camp to this amazing national park!

Hike the Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s unique tea plantations are not to be missed! From April, the plantations are really lush, which makes this a perfect time to head to Sri Lanka’s Hill Country for beautiful walks. Make sure to bring your camera! 

Visit the magnificent Sigiriya 

Sigiriya is in many ways similar to Machu Picchu – an ancient fortress hidden on the top of a big rock with a breathtaking view. Hiking and exploring this magnificent place is best done in great weather, and a sunny day will make the view from the top a real treat! Make sure to bring your camera for some amazing shots.

Enjoy the stunning beaches

March & April is a great time to experience the country’s beautiful beaches. Enjoy tropical days without the crowds through peak season, and get a little piece of paradise to yourself. Make sure you visit the stunning Dalawella beach, famous for its’ palm tree rope swing, and situated just 15 minutes from our camp in Ahangama. 

Celebrate Sinhalese New Year’s

Get a true feel of the country and celebrate New Year’s with the locals! This year, the celebrations will take place on the 14th of April, and is a great chance to see Sri Lanka come to life. Firecrackers, parties, kids playing in the streets and mouthwatering food everywhere creates a magical atmosphere not to miss out on!

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