PPC has introduced an innovative solution for those seeking the ideal balance of comfort and stability in foot straps—the PPC V Footstraps. Born out of frustration with limited market options, these foot straps aim to deliver initial comfort and sustained durability, akin to ski bindings that securely anchor users throughout maneuvers.

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The PPC V straps use a unique formula of 3 layers of memory foam, which achieves a comfortable yet rigid feel that firmly holds your feet in place during tight maneuvers. These straps are reinforced with high-strength webbing through the center.

Lightweight, easy to lie down paddle on, the PPC foot straps are ideal for wing foiling, prone, tow foiling & any form of foiling you may need foot straps. The custom-forged carbon blend washers are as flat & round as we could get them, so you don’t feel them when laying on them.

Carefully placed screw holes give you a large amount of adjustability.

Includes our custom stainless Torx 30 flat tip screws and forged custom-designed flat carbon washers.


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