ZEUS Surfboard Burger School Range EVA 7′


The 7′ is an ultra-stable board with a very high volume of 80L. Perfect for adults over 75kg beginners, this board will allow you to make your first take-offs in record time and will accompany you in your progression until you take real directions on the waves.

Thanks to the imposing volume and shape, the Burger range surfboards guarantee very high stability and will offer beginners the opportunity to stand on the board in record time.

It has reinforced bumpers (nose and tail) and a handle on the slick.

  • 7′ 24 1/2″ 3 3/4″ – 80L

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  • 7′ 24 1/2″ 3 3/4″ – 80L
  • Finished by hand and using extremely reliable manufacturing techniques, all ZEUS board models are made of very durable and high-performance materials. Very sensitive to the cause of our planet and our playground which is the ocean, they use for each of their boards 100% recycled polyethylene, which includes the entire slick (below the board) but also the fins as well the leash plug. Zeus also does not use any plastic packaging for the transport (they only use cardboard) of the boards, which significantly reduces their production of plastic waste. This environmental approach is a very important concern for Zeus, they will strive to find over the years the most suitable solutions to produce increasingly eco-friendly boards at an affordable price.

Rigid construction (Burger double steak):
The boards of the Burger double steak range combine an EPS foam core with 2 stringers of marine wood, an epoxy/fiberglass lamination, a 100% recycled HDPE slick on the bottom, and a foam blade at the deck. The result is an incredibly robust board for fast and stable gliding.


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