The Wind Wing V3 from Cloud IX is one of the stiffest and lightest wings on the market. Once inflated, the V3 is rock solid and won’t budge a millimeter when hit by gusts. This provides unparalleled performance and feedback when sailing, beating, tacking, jibing, doing airs or just getting the foil up and going. Suitable for beginners just staring out or pros looking for unrivalled responsiveness and lightness. 

Cloud IX takes pride in making innovative, quality products. That is why we are extremely proud to introduce their new line of Wind Wings. They have listened to their team of experienced riders and applied their feedback and knowledge with the goal of making the best Wing on the market. Mission accomplished, this Wing is truly impressive to fly.


Design Features

Featherweight construction and perfectly balanced wing for easy handling for maximum performance. This highly efficient Wing profile and slight V-shaped canopy increase the overall stiffness, giving you a highly responsive Wing with power on demand. Cloud IX kept it clean and simple on the strut, with three stiff, yet extremely comfortable wide banded handles, giving you a direct transfer of power from the rider input into the Wing. It also has one handle on the leading edge for complete depower.


No Window

The window adds a lot of unnecessary weight, tends to get brittle, and tends to fog up over time. They also give you a sense of security for an ‘all clear. There are too many blind spots when trying to peek through a tiny little window. Instead, Cloud IX kept the wing super light so you can briefly raise the wing about your head to get that ‘all clear’ overview.

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Wing, Back Pack, Spectra cord bungee wrist leash, patch and repair kit.

Size:     Weight:         

3.5m        3.9lbs/1.8kg.

4.2m        4.4lbs/2.0kg.

5.m          5.0lbs/2.3kg.

6.m           5.7lbs/ 2.6kg.


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