Oceanglider Wing Foil Wing


The Oceanglider Wingfoil wing is an optimal freeride, freestyle and waveride wing, which is neutral and balanced in jumps and transitions.

The wing is flexible, extremely light and has a lot of power. These are characteristics you want to have to fly easily in light winds, but also characteristics you want in stronger winds. The shape of the wing is relatively flat, which means that when the wind hits the wing, it accelerates. At the same time, it is stable in the air when you let go of the wing and surf the waves.

The wings will come end of May to the shop.

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The leading edge and the strut have 2 separate chambers with SUP valves to get the best pressure in both bellows. Each chamber can be inflated to 7 psi for maximum wing stiffness. These are made in durable Dacron fabric like 99% of kites and wings on the market today. The leading edge is further reinforced with kevlar patches on the wingtips and over all front seams to further strengthen the wing. We have chosen a durable and light 2-layer ripstop fabric, with panels sewn in different directions to get as tight a wing as possible. This is to get the most power when you pump, but also when you are up and flying. We have also chosen soft handles with firm grips both for light weight and for safety.

The wing comes in its own bag, with a leash and some extra repair patches.

The wings come in 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.3, 2.6 and 2.0 m2.

We recommend that you start with a large wing at around 6 m2, if you are over 165 cm and weigh over 70 kg. If you weigh under 70 kg and you are shorter than 165 cm, choose a 5 m2 wing.

The smaller wings are used when there is stronger wind or for children. The wings can be used both summer and winter, at sea or on frozen water with skates or skis.

70-120 kg choose a 6 m2, can be used for 5-13 ms.

50-70 kg choose a 5 m2 wing, can be used for 5-13 ms

30-50 kg choose a 4 m2 wing, can be used for 5-13 ms

General area of ​​use depending on weight

6 m2 – 70-120 kg 5-9 ms wind

5 m2 – 70-120 kg 7-10 ms wind

4 m2 – 70-120 kg 11-15 ms wind

3.3 m2 – 70-120 kg 15-18 ms wind

2.5 m2 – 70-120 kg 18-22 ms wind

6 m2 – 50 -70 kg 4-7 ms wind

5 m2 – 50 -70 kg 5-9 ms wind

4 m2 – 50 -70 kg 9 -13 ms wind

3.3 m2 – 50 – 70 kg 13-16 ms wind

2.5 m2 – 50 -70 kg 16 -20 ms wind

Additional information

Wing Color

Yellow, Blue

Wing Size

6m2, 5m2


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